Terri Young of Kamloops, B.C.

My Story

I am a proud mother of two soon-to-be teenage children, living on the west coast of Canada, with my roots firmly planted on the east coast. I work full-time outside my home, but find crafting and home and garden projects is where my passion lies. Around my childrens’ active schedules, you’ll find me puttering in the yard/garden; teaching my chickens (whom I adore) tricks; or working on my latest decor project – which just may be installing a chandelier in the “girls’” coop. Yep! Crazy chicken lady!! I come from a long line of handicrafters and tradesmen, and have early childhood memories of my nan rocking in her chair, knitting; my grandpa doing handy grandpa stuff at his workbench; and my mom doing every form of craft and needlework that I can think of. Money was tight as a child, but with tuna cans that could be upholstered and made into doll chairs; Kleenex boxes made into doll beds; and clothes pins made into tiny dining furniture; I didn’t go without, and little did I know that that would be the beginning of my love for all things thrifted, salvaged, or repurposed! Growing up, I spent years behind a craft table with my mom, selling at farmers’ markets and craft sales, and in her footsteps, crafting has become a way of life. As my mom shared her knowledge of crafting with me, I would love to share mine with you!