Upcycled Pillar Candle Holders

Home Decor

At Henfeather Hearth and Home, there is something for everyone; from upcycled candle holders, to salvaged seasonal items; all lovingly crafted to compliment any decor style and satisfy any budget.

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Upcycled Plant Pot

Garden Decor

Do you love spending time outside? Why not add a touch of whimsy to your garden? Henfeather Hearth and Home carries a variety of items for the “green thumb” from upcycled plant pots, to fun bird baths, and everything in between!

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Bulb Planter Tutorial

Video Tutorials

Interested in home and garden, but would rather make your own than purchase? Henfeather Hearth and Home has a live video series dedicated to teaching you all the tips and tricks to make your house a home.

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Why Henfeather Hearth and Home?

All items are hand selected and painstakingly and lovingly updated to provide them a second chance at being loved; and each is as unique as the story behind them.

By the nature of salvaging and repurposing, many long-since-loved items are being saved from the landfill; helping to better the environment.

As a small business, supporting Henfeather Hearth and Home, helps support my family; providing opportunities for activities and other positive life experiences for my growing, active children.

Thank you for visiting my site! I hope you find something here that inspires you to reclaim, repurpose and relove!


To view a gallery of available items, please visit my Facebook shop, or if you are interested in a custom piece, please send me an e-mail, telling me about your request.